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What is Low Light Laser Therapy?

Low Laser Light Therapy (LLLT) is an important aspect in quantum medicine. LLLT is a low-power laser irradiation that stimulates the body natural healing force while using low levels of laser light. The system is also called “cold” laser therapy or bio-stimulation laser therapy, soft laser therapy, cold laser therapy, photonic stimulation, and low-point laser therapy. Although high-power lasers are used in laser medicine to cut or destroy, the low-intensity laser aren’t enough to heat your body's soft tissue. The Cold Laser light penetrates beyond the surface of the skin to enhance the body’s natural healing properties at the cellular level. It stimulates increased blood flow and lymphatic drainage, helping the body to operate more efficiently in the way it was designed. The application of low- intensity laser stimulates and increases cell function lowers blood viscosity, decreases high blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol and relieves pain. This alternative medicine technology is painless, non-toxic, and is currently used in many countries around the world.

LaserTechPro 10 Laser Beams Low Laser Therapy Device

LaserTechPro 4 Color10 Laser Beams Low Laser Therapy Device Combined with the power of Green, Yellow & Blue Phototherapy Lights.

Cold Laser Light Therapy

Cold Laser Light infuses bodily tissue with 650nm light waves that urge a metabolic response inside the body at the sight of the laser light's concentration. This reaction has been shown increase blood flow. It improves blood circulation and helps the body's natural recovery process.

The 650nm Cold Laser Light activates different enzymes and brakes down essential body fat in the bloodstream. Cold Laser increases the oxygen in the blood, boosts metabolism and enhances the process of lipid peroxidation to reduce cholesterol in the vessels.

The Cold Laser improves cell activity and microcirculation, activates metabolism, lower high blood pressure, reduces high blood sugar and cholesterol, recovers blood viscosity, purifies blood vessels, and prevents cardiovascular, cerebrovascular diseases ,diabetes, cerebral thrombosis and stroke.

Yellow Phototherapy Light

We are all dependent on sunshine for life and health. This is the main source of Vitamin D. Vitamin D receptors are everywhere in the body. Vitamin D deficiency is so massively widespread that about 1 billion worldwide are deficient.

Yellow Phototherapy Light adopts 590nm high-efficiency light-releasing wavelength. Yellow Phototherapy Light increases Vitamin D and Magnesium levels in the body. 

Yellow light stimulates serotonin and vitamin D metabolism. Vitamin D – the “sun hormone” is essential for bones. Vitamin D deficiency can lead to a loss of bone density, which can cause to osteoporosis and broken bones.

Vitamin D can help to protect against infections and regulates our metabolism and hormone system.

The Low Laser Light Therapy has shown to increase the serotonin level in the blood and therefore relieves the mood and stimulates energy and helps to maintain sleep disorder.

Serotonin can be key in managing moods, workouts, appetite, food preferences, blood pressure, sleep, and cravings.

Serotonin is generally considered a "good" neurochemical that stabilizes our temper, metabolism ,help with sleeping and impacts our entire body.

Depression, stress, and anxiety are common yet serious problems that most of the men and women of our society are suffering from these days! 

Depression is the most common symptoms of low serotonin, but low serotonin levels can affect almost every part of the body, causing a wide range of symptoms.

Serotonin deficiency :






low self-esteem

Poor appetite

Blue Phototherapy Light

Blue Phototherapy Lights release light in the blue-green spectrum(wavelengths 430-490nm).  It is NOT ultraviolet light.

With the blue phototherapy light function engaged, it helps eliminate bacteria on the skin.

Blue Phototherapy Light is a high purity, very powerful, but not harmful laser treatment. The effective antibacterial effects of irradiation using light in the blue ranges have now also been demonstrated in human and animal tissues. Blue Phototherapy Light destroys the bacterium that causes inflammation.

Green Phototherapy Light

In the green light mode, it helps balance the color and pigment of the skin, reduce lines, and speed up the healing process of wounds.

Green Phototherapy Light reduces chronic pain by up to 60 percent according to studies.
Green Light Therapy increases in the body's production of pain-killing chemicals.

Green Phototherapy Light reduces inflammation and increases Oxygen Delivery.

Healing at Home Laser Treatment

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Acupoint Irradiation Technology

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Phototherapy and Laser Light

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Traditional Acupuncture

 The most popular application for cold lasers is in acupuncture practice. Laser acupuncture usually uses low-energy laser beams — instead of traditional acupuncture needles — to influence the flow of current at the acupuncture points.


Laser acupuncture is primarily used to serve two purposes: an anesthetic effect and the stimulation of acupuncture points in a therapeutic program. The procedure has some distinct advantages over the traditional needle method. Many patients who are usually afraid of needles, such as children, prefer the lasers.

Acupuncture is part of the ancient practice of the Traditional Chinese medicine. Chinese medicine practitioners believe the human body has more than 2,000 acupuncture points connected by pathways or meridians.

These pathways create an energy flow through the body that is responsible for overall health. Disruption of the energy flow can cause diseases. By applying acupuncture to certain points, improves positive effects in our immune function.

The ancient art of acupuncture combined with 21 st century laser technology provides healing opportunity without using medication. The Low Light Laser stimulates the acupuncture points and improves the blood supply to heart and brain.

LaserTechPro Low Level 650nm Red Lasers irradiate acupunctural points in the left wrist's to produce beneficial photoelectric biological effects.

Lower Blood Viscosity

Lower Blood Cholesterol

Treat and Prevent High Blood Pressure

Lower Blood Sugar

Improve Cardiovascular and Cerebrovascular Diseases

Treat Acute Rhinitis, Sinusitis

Nasal Congestion

The Nasal applicator is highly effective for acute rhinitis and sinusitis. The Laser Light and Blue Phototherapy Light stimulating the nasal cavity, improves blood circulation in the cranial, accelerates blood flows, prevents thrombosis, improves blood supply to the heart and the brain.

LaserTechPro Laser Therapy Device Quality Measurements

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EN60601 Safety Approval


High Blood Pressure the "Silent Killer"

High Blood Pressure is known as a silent killer. Most of the time its strikes unexpectedly or is detected at deadly stages. However, early discovery is the key.

The higher your blood pressure levels, the more risk you have for other health problems, such as heart disease, heart attack, and stroke.

High blood pressure usually develops over time. It can happen because of unhealthy lifestyle choices, such as not getting enough regular physical activity. Certain health conditions,  such as diabetes and having obesity, can also increase the risk for developing high blood pressure.

As heart failure approaches, the real symptoms of the heart disease appear. Shortness of breath on slight exertion is one of the first symptoms. Distress and fullness after eating are very common.

Other early symptoms are weakness and lack of endurance, in the legs particularly; palpitation of the heart with fullness in the chest and a dry cough; dull pain and soreness in the region of the liver and also over the heart.

Swelling of the ankles may be one of the first symptoms noticed. It is usually worse in the evening and disappears during sleep.

The Low Light Laser Therapy is help to reduce systolic blood pressure, increase blood circulation, increase Diuresis ( is a condition in which the kidneys filter too much bodily fluid), decrease edema and promote a sense of well-being and increased vitality.

Relief Stress With Low Laser Light Therapy

The signs of stress can vary from one individual to the next. They may manifest physically as an illness, tiredness or lethargy. Mental stress can result in depression, mood swings, anger, frustration, confusion.

The main function of the Low Laser Therapy is the irradiation of the radial artery with low level laser light through the specific acupuncture points. Therefore, the immediate irradiation of important areas of the body can be delivered.

According to scientific studies and researches by stimulating acupuncture points with Low Light Laser has positive effects on blood pressure, red blood cells against oxidative stress and heart rate variability.

The Low Light Laser Therapy is well-known for its ability to improve cell activity and microcirculation and also it has a positive effects on the immune system.

Stroke & Heart Attack

A heart attack occurs when a coronary artery becomes blocked or narrows so much that blood flow stops or is severely restricted. A coronary artery is an artery that supplies blood to the heart muscle.

Blockage in a coronary artery can happen if a blood clot stops blood flow. It can also happen if too much cholesterol plaque builds up in the artery to the point at which circulation slows to a trickle or stops altogether.

LaserTechPro Laser Therapy Device assists for the treatment of cerebral thrombosis and strokes as well as for the prevention of sudden cardiac arrest.

The Laser Device irradiates defined acupuncture points on the left wrist's. In this method, the laser enters the vessel walls with a wavelength of 650 nm. The tissue under the laser device engages the energy of the laser. The microcirculation and the oxygen transportation capacity of the red blood cells will improve. As a result, the blood has refined, and insulin achieves a normal level.


Blood Clot

A blood clot in an artery within the brain can cut off circulation to the brain. This can cause a stroke. The arteries carry blood to the brain. Plaque buildup in a carotid artery can have the same result.

The other main kind of stroke is a hemorrhagic stroke. This occurs when a blood vessel in the brain ruptures and blood leaks into surrounding tissue. High blood pressure that strains the walls of your arteries can cause hemorrhagic stroke.

Blood clots do not discriminate. They affect people of all ages, race and gender. Blood clots are preventable and can be safely treated. 

Flying on an airplane can increase your risk for blood clots. Sitting still for extended periods of time can affect blood circulation and lead to the development of blood clots.

The clinical term for this type of blood clot is deep vein thrombosis. The longer the flight, the more at risk you are for developing a clot. Flights lasting 8 to 10 hours or longer pose the greatest risk.

Laser Therapy Treatment for Insomnia

Laser Light Therapy is a type of alternative healing, designed to treat certain health conditions through exposure to Light Therapy. Insomnia describes a constant difficulty falling asleep, staying asleep, or lack of overall quality sleep. When experienced multiple times a week for three months or more, it’s considered chronic insomnia. The Laser Light Therapy Device can be effective in relieving insomnia.

 It is well known that an increased amount of Melatonin supports a healthy sleep. LaserTechPro Laser Light Therapy Device can help relieve sleep problems associated with Melatonin.  Melatonin can be achieved by laser light stimulation of certain white blood cells. Using and increasing our own Melatonin production certainly is more natural and more effective.